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How can marketing professionals stay ahead of the game in today’s markets?

The Marketing Innovator’s Tool Kit helps you infuse energy, innovation and fresh ideas into your marketing programs, campaigns and events. Learn and use best practice methodologies together with engaging tools and deep-dive exercises toinspire you and your teams in creating high-impact programs. Keep ahead of market trends and launch winning campaigns which help your company stand out from the crowd, delight your customers and win new business.

What is in the playbook?

Well, we have a bunch of tools, just for you to make the job worthwile and cool

Persona Playbook

Your complete “how to” playbook for researching, creating, validating and communicating your personas.
Learn how to engage your teams using persona-building exercises, top actions to take (and pitfalls to avoid). Bring your personas to life with high-impact campaigns and accelerate value for your whole organization - including
strategy, marketing, sales, service, and innovation teams - with personas for your entire customer journey.

Card decks & Tools

Pitch cards, Persona cards, Moderator cards, Pimp-My-Event cards and other playbook cards to facilitate creation and
execution of concept-to-launch marketing programs. Learn 3 ways to pitch ideas, campaigns and programs. Create highenergy events which inspire attendees. Develop and execute innovative business models to generate new revenue streams.

Includes all the financial & Excel tools to model your persona.


Play and feel engaged.


Build and test personas with the help of a 3-in-1 board game: create and visualize your target customers, develop their stories and validate your personas in trial environments.

Team decision-making dice game to facilitate strategy sessions,
“what-if” brainstorming and scenario-planning discussions.


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